Friday, December 24, 2010

presence - 2011

This is my post from 2010. I told myself when I started this blog that I would not re-post. Guess rules were meant to be broken.  This is one of my favorite posts, and I feel that it's worthy of round two. Have a wonderful holiday everyone...

My memories of Christmas as a child are probably some of the fondest. I love my family and I thank God that I have the most caring, supportive and loving parents anyone could ask for. I can now recognize as an adult just how much effort, love, time and care they put into making Christmas truly special for me, and my siblings (but I know they love me most!) In my opinion, Christmas is for children. It's that one day of the year that is truly magical. Sorry, Disney, but I got one on ya!

I'm an adult now (biologically anyway) and Christmas just isn't the same. The magic is lost. The lights, the music and the spirit is still lingering, but the essence of what it always was as a child is now over. That's ok, and I don't mean that in a 'Debbie Downer' kind of way. I just think that being all grown up changes the perspective and the mystery is now diminished. Unfortunately, it seems that consumerism and a society that thrives on self-entitlement has stolen that beauty of what once was such a meaningful time. I often wonder if the 7-year-olds of today are as mesmerized by the simplicity of a homemade Christmas cookie as much as I was at that age, or those exciting trips to have breakfast with Santa.  Their focus has gone from the wonderment of crafted creations in the kitchen to the possibilities from a click of a button on an electronic device. There is no nostalgia in that, and I believe there never will be. I remember so fondly being at Grandma's house and the ribbon candy and white porcelain Christmas tree that lit up when you plugged it in. That's what sticks to your ribs and becomes a part of who you are. I know I enjoyed the presents, but my memories are more of the presence... of my family.

Christmas now is spent with my immediate family only, and while that has changed over the years, the time sharing laughter, food, drinks and love is still the same as it was when I was five. Sure, the cast is a little different, a bit smaller, a lot older, and much wiser, but the love is still there. My expectations year after year are minimal, but are always met because the most important gift of this holiday is the interaction among my family. Now that, is magical.

I hope that everyone is blessed with the opportunity to share time tomorrow with someone they love. Let's not forget what the day is really about, and how we can continue to give gifts throughout the year that don't come in wrapped packages. Gifts of support, time, care, knowledge, humor, kindness and love. I really have only one wish on my Christmas list - I wish that I might inspire someone to give the gift of life by becoming a living kidney donor. Ok, I lied, I have two wishes and the other one wears a pin-stripe uniform, swings a bat and has a really cute butt. Make the new year for you, the possibility of another year of life for someone else. Donating your kidney might not be for you, but what about donating your tissue and organs when you're deceased?

Create memorable moments tomorrow with the ones you love and enjoy the spirit of what the day is really about... booze! Kidding.

Until next time... Happy Festivus, everyone!